Inspiring the Next generation of  African Leaders.

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Mentoring highly Motivated Young Leaders. 

The President’s Fellowship is a premier mentorship and leadership development programme initiated by the Global Peace Foundation Kenya, to provide a platform for African leaders to mentor the next generation through a series of programs and experiential activities.

The PF is an avenue for highly motivated and talented young leaders to learn and be transformed into accountable leadership. In Kenya, the annual fellowship brings together at least 100 young leaders from the 47 counties to undertake an intensive leadership development program.

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Nurturing the Next Generation of African Leaders

Through the PF, African leaders exercise their moral responsibility to nurture the next generation of African leaders to take over from where they leave. Although this programme is launched in Kenya, other African Leaders are encouraged to take the cue and do the same in their own countries. The PF program will involve a competitive selection process based on the initiatives that the youth are doing in their communities to encourage job creation and innovation in solving community challenges.

The program includes intensive training, mentorship from community leaders, service programs, professional experience and community exchange programs to promote cohesion in the devolved system


The Presidents Fellowship Objectives

  • To promote patriotism and national pride among young national lead
  • To provide education and experiences that help young leaders frame and develop their leadership philosophies.
  • To acquaint young leaders with issues, needs, resources and other factors that influence our community's development
  • To provide insights into the workings of non-state and state actors
  • To inspire young leaders to become ambassadors of community leadership among their peers.
  • To create a strong and diverse base of future leaders for Kenya.